How to buy online, avoid the high-cost shipping of Amazon (AMZN)

A week after the US Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit against Amazon over its high-end Kindle e-reader, the company has released new e-books that feature Amazon content.In addition to the new titles, Amazon has also started selling e-readers that come with a free copy of the Kindle software.The company has also added new services, […]

Which of the six freight routes is the most efficient?

New Scientist has put together a map of the world’s freight routes and found that the cheapest option for shipping goods is the harbour freight route.The cheapest option is the north east route.The cheapest option, by a wide margin, is the south west route.It costs the cheapest in terms of freight per kilometre and the […]

How to save on freight costs at your warehouse

In the past year, there has been a dramatic shift in the way businesses are able to purchase goods, particularly freight, from warehouses.In the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries, a lot of companies have adopted the “bulk buy” strategy, where they buy bulk quantities of goods, such as […]

Here’s How Much You’ll Save With a Harbor Freight Online Class, the First of Its Kind

The idea behind a class like this is that you can save money and time on your daily commute by using your smartphone as a travel guide.In the video above, you’ll see a simple way to view all of your freight options for a week, and then get the best deals on your next trip.

What is freight?

How does a freight polishing system work?A freight polishers’ job is to remove impurities from the steel by heating it up in a furnace.Then, the steel is subjected to pressure to make it brittle.The more pressure the steel gets, the more it breaks, creating an uneven distribution of energy in the final product.As a result, […]

How to keep the world from crashing

The world is going to crash.The world will be going up in flames.All of the world’s economies will be crashing.There is going the equivalent of a full-blown banking crisis.But there is one thing that will stay the same: you.That’s because you are the most important thing in the world, and the world will not let […]

Edmonton Oilers’ Connor McDavid wants to play in the Stanley Cup Final. What’s next?

What does that mean for Connor McDonagh?The Edmonton Oilers star winger is expected to be named the Stanley Trophy winner, but that won’t happen until Jan. 6, 2019, the date of the NHL’s annual awards ceremony.The Oilers are hoping that a win against the Boston Bruins will open the door for McDavid to be selected […]

How to find the best freight tracking website in the UK

A new UK online tracker,, is set to hit the streets on Tuesday.The service allows users to easily track shipments from warehouses to ports and across borders with the promise of more reliable shipping times and faster deliveries.In a move that could change the way the UK does business, freight tracking will soon be […]

Which new trucking jobs are available?

The trucking industry has been on the upswing for years.But lately, it’s been experiencing an uptick in new job openings.According to new data from Trucking and Logistics Inc., there were 4,000 trucking positions opening across the U.S. last month, which is up from 2,000 last year.Those new positions include drivers, mechanics, crew members, maintenance and […]