What do you need to know about the rising cost of freight?

Phoenix is a port city in the heart of the Arizona desert.The city has a population of nearly 15,000, and is home to several major airports and ports.As a result, Phoenix has long been a popular destination for freight.Phoenix is the second-largest port in the United States, behind New York.This week, a new report from […]

How Uber’s $70 billion merger will change the world of logistics, and the big question is whether it will change everything about logistics, too, for better or worse

It was a long weekend in Dallas.The weekend was filled with events that were as much about the city and its residents as it was about the company that would soon become the next big thing in the world.A couple of days after the inauguration of Donald Trump as US president, the Dallas Convention Center […]

How to install a battery-powered house on a trailer

Shipping container docks have a new home: battery-based houses.The containers are now available for sale in warehouses and on the streets of urban America, and they are becoming a fixture on roads and sidewalks.For some, the battery-free design is a good way to save money and speed up their commute.Others are turning to the electric […]

Upgrades to shipping lines from US carriers, as new orders from foreign customers hit shelves

UPS and its American competitor, the Canadian carrier, are upgrading to a new network of shipping lines.The upgrades are expected to save the company $1 billion per year.UPS is also adding capacity to the fleet to accommodate the additional capacity in the fleet as well as to handle additional orders from new customers.In the next […]

What’s in the Trump tariffs? | Trump to unveil tariffs on $1 trillion in imports

Trump on Friday said he’s in talks with lawmakers on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, the biggest trade deal in US history.Trump said he’ll announce a tariff of “one-tenth” of the current level on goods produced by US companies that are transported through China and Japan, a move that could be a boon to American […]

Florida Panthers sign AHL free agent Mike Santorelli

The Florida Panthers have signed AHL free-agent forward Mike Santorini, the team announced today.Santorelli, 26, had 14 goals and 25 points in 74 games for the Carolina Hurricanes last season and will earn $1.1 million in the final year of his entry-level contract.Santiago Rauh, 24, has played in 46 games for Carolina and recorded three […]

Why your freight inverters are still working even when you move away from them

If you’re an avid hiker, you probably have a freight inverting device in your backpack that turns your old power lines into new electric power.But you may not know that these old devices can still be useful even if you move to another city or country.That’s because the inverters you have in your pocket still […]