Upgrades to shipping lines from US carriers, as new orders from foreign customers hit shelves

UPS and its American competitor, the Canadian carrier, are upgrading to a new network of shipping lines.The upgrades are expected to save the company $1 billion per year.UPS is also adding capacity to the fleet to accommodate the additional capacity in the fleet as well as to handle additional orders from new customers.In the next […]

How to find the best freight tracking website in the UK

A new UK online tracker, freighttracking.com, is set to hit the streets on Tuesday.The service allows users to easily track shipments from warehouses to ports and across borders with the promise of more reliable shipping times and faster deliveries.In a move that could change the way the UK does business, freight tracking will soon be […]

Which new trucking jobs are available?

The trucking industry has been on the upswing for years.But lately, it’s been experiencing an uptick in new job openings.According to new data from Trucking and Logistics Inc., there were 4,000 trucking positions opening across the U.S. last month, which is up from 2,000 last year.Those new positions include drivers, mechanics, crew members, maintenance and […]