What’s in the Trump tariffs? | Trump to unveil tariffs on $1 trillion in imports

Trump on Friday said he’s in talks with lawmakers on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, the biggest trade deal in US history.Trump said he’ll announce a tariff of “one-tenth” of the current level on goods produced by US companies that are transported through China and Japan, a move that could be a boon to American […]

How to track freight from the south to the west without a freight truck

The southern freight corridor is a big business for Harborside Auto Parts.It has become a key component of Harborsides operations in the Bay Area.It connects to the main east coast highway and is a vital link for the company’s east coast logistics business.But the southern corridor is also a crucial hub for the shipping industry, […]

Edmonton Oilers’ Connor McDavid wants to play in the Stanley Cup Final. What’s next?

What does that mean for Connor McDonagh?The Edmonton Oilers star winger is expected to be named the Stanley Trophy winner, but that won’t happen until Jan. 6, 2019, the date of the NHL’s annual awards ceremony.The Oilers are hoping that a win against the Boston Bruins will open the door for McDavid to be selected […]