Pilot freight clamp in India to be installed in India by January 2018

Updated May 26, 2018 07:17:26 A pilot freight clamp is being installed in Mumbai by January 2021 and is expected to save about 1,000 tonnes of freight per annum, the shipping giant said on Wednesday.The company said the clamp, which is being built by the firm Hargreaves Lansdown Ltd, will be used by cargo carriers […]

American Freight Calculator | Pilot Freight | Freight calculator

The American Freighter Calculator is a tool for estimating the cost of cargo moving from the U.S. to a foreign country.The calculator uses a range of parameters, including weight and price, to provide an estimate of the price of freight moving from one location to another.American Freights also provides a variety of estimates for the […]

Shipload tracking, cargo tracking, and freight tracking apps to go hands-free with Amazon Alexa for free

In this article, we will show you how to install an Amazon Alexa device on your device.We will then show you all the different ways to track cargo in your cargo-handling app.Read more about shipping and shipping tracking with Alexa:

U.S. airlines want to kill off domestic flights over passenger-carrying luggage

A handful of U.K.-based airlines are exploring the idea of ending domestic flights with a cargo of mattresses.The move would make travel to the U.C.I. in London more attractive for U.J. airlines, which are struggling to compete against American and European competitors.It would also make it easier for American airlines to sell their luggage to […]

New report: American freight mattress company is worth $1.9 billion

A freight mattress maker is worth about $1 billion and it has a market cap of about $3 billion, according to a report released Monday.The report by the investment bank Morgan Stanley said the firm, American Freight, is valued at about $2 billion, with about $600 million in revenue and $700 million in net income.It […]