How Amazon’s new freight deal with UPS makes sense for you

New freight deals between the US Postal Service and Amazon have become increasingly common over the past few years. The latest example is a deal announced in March that Amazon is paying UPS for “up to $6 billion of new freight services for its Prime shipping business” that the two companies say will enable “the fulfillment […]

How to buy a trailer for the UAE and Bahrain

New research from the UAE Department of Industry and Trade has revealed that you can buy a cargo trailer in Dubai for about Dh5 million and an air freight trailer in Bahrain for Dh3 million.Both these types of trailer have to meet the UAE’s requirements to be approved for import.But you can purchase them in […]

A fleet of old freight trucks destined for a new harbour will be hauled from Harbour to the Yakima port

The future of Yakima harbour freight is in the hands of a fleet of trucks and barges that are being brought from the port to the city.The new haul will include new containers and equipment.“The new haul includes new containers, including new containers for containers to transport the trucks and barge.They will be using the […]