The king of freight: What’s the king of cargo, says King of Freight

The king is dead.The king has no one to blame but himself.The American Cargo Company, the king’s family-owned company, is a casualty of a bitter court battle over how much freight companies should charge for the privilege of running freight services.The companies that compete with the king include Norfolk Southern, DHL, Northwest Freight, American Express, […]

How to sail a cargo ship from Saia to King of the Harbor

The first thing you’ll need to know about sailing a cargo vessel is that you will have to set sail at sea.This is where you’ll be joined by several hundred people in a vessel that’s larger than a bus.These people have a lot of responsibilities, including managing the ship and setting up the safety protocols […]

A fleet of old freight trucks destined for a new harbour will be hauled from Harbour to the Yakima port

The future of Yakima harbour freight is in the hands of a fleet of trucks and barges that are being brought from the port to the city.The new haul will include new containers and equipment.“The new haul includes new containers, including new containers for containers to transport the trucks and barge.They will be using the […]