Why I am abandoning my American Flag and Going for the Big Apple

Posted August 18, 2018 04:09:47I have always felt that America’s greatest strength is its diverse and diverse range of people, and I feel the same way about the people of this country.I am a proud American, and the American flag symbolizes our diversity.However, as a young American woman, I became frustrated with the flag and […]

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A photo posted by Ceejayyy (@ceejayy) on Jun 30, 2018 at 1:39am PDT This post is part of our series called “Top Stories” in our community of Redditors.Want more stories like this?Find them here.CeeJayyy – “Top stories” in the community of redditors.This is the fourth post in our series on top stories in the United […]

How to Make a Farm in less than a Month

It was the most important step in a life-changing journey, but one that required the help of a tractor-trailer, a $1.6 million generator and a tractor that cost more than $20,000.For the next two weeks, the four of us would assemble the farm on a makeshift trailer, then load it onto a trailer with a […]

How do you find out if a ship is in harbour?

A ship is often in harbour.But if you look in the window of the harbour freight yard, you will see an advertisement for a shipyard.In the past, you had to pay a small amount for the right to visit the shipyard and look inside.But the new regulations introduced in March 2016 allow visitors to inspect […]