Sharks are on the verge of their first victory in a month with victory over Harrier – live blog

The Sharks have now won all four of their home games this season.They are unbeaten in the series and have the third-best home record in the competition with three wins and three draws.The Sharks won their first two games against the Hurricanes, but have not lost to them since and have also scored six tries […]

How to install Uber’s freight truck service in Tulsa

The Uber truck service has been operating in Tulsa since March 2016, but the company has had some issues in the past.The company announced last year that it would begin accepting Uber pickups, but has yet to receive an order from the city.The city of Tulsa has ordered a total of five Uber pickups.

U.S. airlines want to kill off domestic flights over passenger-carrying luggage

A handful of U.K.-based airlines are exploring the idea of ending domestic flights with a cargo of mattresses.The move would make travel to the U.C.I. in London more attractive for U.J. airlines, which are struggling to compete against American and European competitors.It would also make it easier for American airlines to sell their luggage to […]