How to track freight online from your Android phone

The ability to track shipments online is a vital part of the global freight logistics industry.While some countries rely heavily on freight-tracking apps, others such as China have largely gone with mobile freight tracking.However, with the introduction of Android’s Android LTL freight tracking feature, companies can now start to take advantage of the platform’s advanced […]

Why it’s time to shut down freight online and replace FedEx with a shipping platform for the future of freight delivery.

The biggest reason the world is heading toward a world where freight can’t be delivered on-demand is because we’re going to need the right technology.That technology, in turn, will be delivered by big companies like FedEx.The companies have been getting a lot of traction lately as they have found a new way to deliver goods […]

Here’s How Much You’ll Save With a Harbor Freight Online Class, the First of Its Kind

The idea behind a class like this is that you can save money and time on your daily commute by using your smartphone as a travel guide.In the video above, you’ll see a simple way to view all of your freight options for a week, and then get the best deals on your next trip.