Cargo trucker, trucking company launch new ‘Cargo Shipper’ app to deliver goods to and from port

An upstart cargo trucking startup is launching a new app that will allow customers to hail and deliver freight to their home or office.The app, Cargo Shipper, was launched Wednesday in partnership with U.S. freight dispatcher Harbor Freight Application.The goal of the app, called Cargo Shippers, is to enable truckers to deliver cargo to their […]

How to Track Shipping Times with Crypto Coins

What you need to know about shipping times for freight and freight tracking.The idea of tracking your freight is very simple.As you drive across a state, you can start tracking the time of day your truck is moving, or the times of day it is parked.You can also track the amount of time it takes […]

What you need to know about shipping containers in the U.S.

Here are the major container shipping categories:1.Harbors, containers, ships: Harbors and containers are not just containers, but also containers that have a freight of some sort.Harriers are typically a lot larger and heavier than containers, which makes them less efficient.They are generally a lot more expensive than container shipping.2.Freight trains: Freight cars and train cars […]