Harbor Freight Buffer Is The Next Generation of Freight Management for the Internet of Things (IoT)

A new company called Harbor Freight is creating a new type of freight management system that would automate the entire process of shipping.Rather than having the truck driver manually open and close the container, the company would simply connect a remote control to the truck and provide automated instructions.This kind of system has been a […]

How to make sure you don’t fall victim to shipping companies’ shipping fees

In the wake of the recent shipping crisis, we’ve seen a huge surge in shipping companies offering discounts for shipping.And it’s not just on the mainland.Shipping companies in New York, Texas, and other states are offering a discount to anyone who’s willing to pay for shipping, often with the promise of a free trip to […]

The king of freight: What’s the king of cargo, says King of Freight

The king is dead.The king has no one to blame but himself.The American Cargo Company, the king’s family-owned company, is a casualty of a bitter court battle over how much freight companies should charge for the privilege of running freight services.The companies that compete with the king include Norfolk Southern, DHL, Northwest Freight, American Express, […]

Which countries should you worry about if you’re heading for a new port?

The port of Hanoi, Vietnam’s most heavily guarded and heavily fortified, is one of the world’s busiest and is now home to two container ships.On this particular day in December, the port’s fleet of 20 cargo ships, which have been sitting idle since the end of the Cold War, finally came into service.These cargo ships […]

How to buy a trailer for the UAE and Bahrain

New research from the UAE Department of Industry and Trade has revealed that you can buy a cargo trailer in Dubai for about Dh5 million and an air freight trailer in Bahrain for Dh3 million.Both these types of trailer have to meet the UAE’s requirements to be approved for import.But you can purchase them in […]