How to install a battery-powered house on a trailer

Shipping container docks have a new home: battery-based houses.The containers are now available for sale in warehouses and on the streets of urban America, and they are becoming a fixture on roads and sidewalks.For some, the battery-free design is a good way to save money and speed up their commute.Others are turning to the electric […]

Why the world’s biggest ship is coming to America

It’s been a long road for the harbor freight wrenched by the tug-boat boom, and now it’s headed to the U.S. ports of Los Angeles and New York.The new Harbor Freight Battery, the world-beating Harbor Freights No. 3, is set to start its journey across the ocean Thursday from its berth at San Pedro, California, […]

How to buy a home for Rs 10 lakh and make it worth more than Rs 5 crore

A new wave of Indian homeowners is jumping on the freight train.They are eyeing land with a price tag of Rs 10 crore and are considering building on top of existing structures to get the same amount back.But the hurdles are many.Here are five common hurdles, which can deter potential buyers.1.The house is in the […]