Cargo freighter auctions off a new fleet

A new fleet of cargo freighters has been auctioned off to raise money for a charity, the owner of the vessels told News24.The cargo freighter will be auctioned for its remaining cargo capacity at a charity event in Melbourne, the company’s owner, James Jones, said.“The amount we are seeking is just shy of $500,000,” Mr […]

Australia’s biggest shipyards are losing money – but the rest of the country is thriving

The Australian dollar has weakened against the US dollar, which has risen against the euro.In the past few weeks, the Australian dollar against the British pound has appreciated slightly, while the Australian pound against the Japanese yen has fallen.“The Australian dollar is on the downside, the Japanese currency is on a downward trend,” Ian Watson, […]

How do you find out if a ship is in harbour?

A ship is often in harbour.But if you look in the window of the harbour freight yard, you will see an advertisement for a shipyard.In the past, you had to pay a small amount for the right to visit the shipyard and look inside.But the new regulations introduced in March 2016 allow visitors to inspect […]

Why I’ve Been Using A Freight Yard for the Last 8 Years (And Why You Should Too)

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