Harbours axe: The axe that changed India’s economy

A week after the Harbour freight axe became India’s most valuable export, the government has announced a slew of new incentives for businesses and households to adopt it, including a subsidy of up to Rs. 10,000 for every axe-maker.The subsidy is a major coup for the government, which had previously sought to slash its tax […]

Which cargo truck is best for getting your goods from point A to point B?

Madison, N.Y. (AP) The U.S. freight industry is facing a major crisis, with a glut of freight trains and the possibility of a shortage of cars.Madison’s new Madison Freight is the only truck with a direct connection to the rails.It’s also the only one with a self-driving capability.“This is the most advanced truck in the […]

Australia’s biggest shipyards are losing money – but the rest of the country is thriving

The Australian dollar has weakened against the US dollar, which has risen against the euro.In the past few weeks, the Australian dollar against the British pound has appreciated slightly, while the Australian pound against the Japanese yen has fallen.“The Australian dollar is on the downside, the Japanese currency is on a downward trend,” Ian Watson, […]