What you need to know about the freight shipping industry and the government of Canada

Transport Canada has a new rule on freight shipping that gives Canadian firms and their employees an incentive to ship jobs overseas.It’s called the freight freight shipping incentive program.(The Financial Post) “FEDEX is a competitive advantage,” says Chris Dutton, president of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.He says the incentive is supposed to encourage businesses […]

Man in wheelchair rescued after being dragged out of wreckage by crane

A man in a wheelchair was rescued by a crane Tuesday after being pulled out of the wreckage of a cargo ship, authorities said.A crane operator noticed the man was in distress on the bridge of the Kaikoura-bound Maori Container Terminals Inc. MaoriContainerTerminals said in a statement the man had a severe spinal cord injury […]

How to buy online, avoid the high-cost shipping of Amazon (AMZN)

A week after the US Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit against Amazon over its high-end Kindle e-reader, the company has released new e-books that feature Amazon content.In addition to the new titles, Amazon has also started selling e-readers that come with a free copy of the Kindle software.The company has also added new services, […]