‘I’m really happy’ with the price of her ship, her friend says

An American passenger says the $9 million cost of her $1.3 million cruise ship, a luxury cruise called the Xpo, is one of the lowest she’s ever paid for a trip.“I feel like I paid $9,000 for a cruise, and now I got $5,000 back,” said Emily Grosnick, a New York City resident.The ship sailed […]

Why I am abandoning my American Flag and Going for the Big Apple

Posted August 18, 2018 04:09:47I have always felt that America’s greatest strength is its diverse and diverse range of people, and I feel the same way about the people of this country.I am a proud American, and the American flag symbolizes our diversity.However, as a young American woman, I became frustrated with the flag and […]

How to buy a home for Rs 10 lakh and make it worth more than Rs 5 crore

A new wave of Indian homeowners is jumping on the freight train.They are eyeing land with a price tag of Rs 10 crore and are considering building on top of existing structures to get the same amount back.But the hurdles are many.Here are five common hurdles, which can deter potential buyers.1.The house is in the […]

Here’s How Much You’ll Save With a Harbor Freight Online Class, the First of Its Kind

The idea behind a class like this is that you can save money and time on your daily commute by using your smartphone as a travel guide.In the video above, you’ll see a simple way to view all of your freight options for a week, and then get the best deals on your next trip.