How to find freight containers and docks in Canada and the U.S.

In a country that has become synonymous with the shipbuilding industry, one question that can’t be asked enough is: How do you find the shipping containers and dock that you need?While the industry has been in a boom over the last several years, the shipping container industry has remained largely under-resourced and understaffed.With the advent […]

The World’s Most Damaged Vessel: The Lagoons of the Garbage Pumps

The Lagos of the garbage pumps, a collection of islands that has been called the “Garbage Pits of the World,” have been the site of many destructive accidents, including the sinking of a ship and the sinking and sinking of another.The first recorded case of a garbage pump going down on the island was in […]

How to spot the ‘fake’ cargo in a shipment of freight and the new ‘smart’ truck technology

A new technology that could eliminate truck drivers from the equation has been in the works for decades, but it has yet to become a reality.With new technology and equipment making trucking safer and more efficient, the industry is slowly moving toward a future where it is possible to make a ton of cargo on […]

Man in Harbor Freight elevator with an illegal gun arrested in Florida

A man who was accused of trying to get into an elevator at a Florida warehouse that housed the cargo of the United States military has been arrested in the incident, authorities said Friday.The Orlando Sentinel reported that U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents arrested 26-year-old Matthew Okechukwu of the Orlando area at his home […]