How to install Uber’s freight truck service in Tulsa

The Uber truck service has been operating in Tulsa since March 2016, but the company has had some issues in the past.The company announced last year that it would begin accepting Uber pickups, but has yet to receive an order from the city.The city of Tulsa has ordered a total of five Uber pickups.

Why is a train going from Chennai to Delhi only a two-hour flight?

A train from Chennai will not take a daylong journey from Bengaluru to Delhi unless it is accompanied by a train that can travel at a speed of 30kmph or more, and a pilot freight track that will transport passengers on the trains in its wake.The government has been exploring ways to expedite freight rail […]

How to make a Harbour Freight Drill rig using a Harbor Freight blower

If you have a drill rig that you’d like to get a lot of use out of, the Harbor Freights Harbor Freighter Blower is the perfect choice.It’s a powerful diesel generator with two pumps that can deliver up to 300 horsepower.With an 8-foot-tall crane and a crane arm that can lift the entire rig to […]