Lubbock-Bethlehem, Texas, a direct freight hub

Lubbocks-Bathurst, Texas – A direct freight terminal was built on a former rail yard in northern Lubbocking and now sits vacant.A railroad bridge spans a former mill and the terminal now houses several warehouses and other commercial facilities.The former mill was demolished in the early 1990s and was transformed into a parking lot and hotel.The […]

How to buy a cruise ship for less than $100,000

A cruise ship that costs just $100 million can still leave behind a treasure trove of valuable cargo, including the likes of gold, silver, diamonds, and other rare objects.In this video, we explore the history of these barges, and show you what you can expect to find inside them.For the first time, we have a […]

When you work on freight, it’s a long commute

The last time I was working on freight for a living was nearly 10 years ago, and the job I’ve been doing now is pretty much exactly the same.It’s pretty simple: get the freight moving as quickly as possible and avoid the dreaded “freight train crash.”The reason for this is simple: I love doing freight […]

Why does Holland freight track appear at the top of the UK freight tracker

RTE 2.5 million people live in Holland, a country of around 1.3 million people.Holland is the world’s fourth largest exporter of goods and services, after Germany, Spain and Japan.There is a wide variety of shipping options from small packages and smaller containers to big vessels, but a large majority of ships are made of steel.The […]

“Feds: It’s not about the trucking companies anymore”

The federal government has been under pressure to address trucking’s long-standing problem of overcharging by using a more modern approach.For the past two decades, the U.S. freight rail industry has struggled to keep up with the growing demand for trucks, especially with the advent of automation and the shift to low-cost, high-volume, low-maintenance technologies.The U.A.E. […]

Harbor Freight Buffer Is The Next Generation of Freight Management for the Internet of Things (IoT)

A new company called Harbor Freight is creating a new type of freight management system that would automate the entire process of shipping.Rather than having the truck driver manually open and close the container, the company would simply connect a remote control to the truck and provide automated instructions.This kind of system has been a […]

How to make sure you don’t fall victim to shipping companies’ shipping fees

In the wake of the recent shipping crisis, we’ve seen a huge surge in shipping companies offering discounts for shipping.And it’s not just on the mainland.Shipping companies in New York, Texas, and other states are offering a discount to anyone who’s willing to pay for shipping, often with the promise of a free trip to […]

Sharks are on the verge of their first victory in a month with victory over Harrier – live blog

The Sharks have now won all four of their home games this season.They are unbeaten in the series and have the third-best home record in the competition with three wins and three draws.The Sharks won their first two games against the Hurricanes, but have not lost to them since and have also scored six tries […]

How to install Uber’s freight truck service in Tulsa

The Uber truck service has been operating in Tulsa since March 2016, but the company has had some issues in the past.The company announced last year that it would begin accepting Uber pickups, but has yet to receive an order from the city.The city of Tulsa has ordered a total of five Uber pickups.