How Amazon’s new freight deal with UPS makes sense for you

New freight deals between the US Postal Service and Amazon have become increasingly common over the past few years. The latest example is a deal announced in March that Amazon is paying UPS for “up to $6 billion of new freight services for its Prime shipping business” that the two companies say will enable “the fulfillment […]

How to track freight online from your Android phone

The ability to track shipments online is a vital part of the global freight logistics industry.While some countries rely heavily on freight-tracking apps, others such as China have largely gone with mobile freight tracking.However, with the introduction of Android’s Android LTL freight tracking feature, companies can now start to take advantage of the platform’s advanced […]

Trump: US has $7.3B in unused foreign coal, soybeans, corn and wheat for 2020

Trump: The United States has nearly $7 billion in unused coal, grain, soybean and corn for the year 2020, a new report shows.The United States currently has about $3.8 trillion in stockpiles of fossil fuels, according to the report by the Congressional Research Service.Trump has repeatedly promised to bring back coal and other fossil fuels […]

American freight dispatcher faces lawsuit over false advertising

A freight dispatcher in Ohio is facing a lawsuit after his company posted an ad on Craigslist falsely claiming he had the best experience of the two options offered on its website.The ad, which was removed by the company on Monday, falsely claims a crew member with the freight dispatcher at a freight facility in […]