A freight truck from a major U.S. shipping company is set to depart Orlando International Airport (OIC) for Orlando International airport this year, the company announced Monday.

The truck, which is being called the “Harbor Freight”, will depart Orlando on Nov. 28 for Orlando, according to the Orlando-based company, which has a contract to transport cargo.

The freight pickup will start a three-month tour through Orlando and back to Seattle, according the Orlando Sentinel.

While there are no details about the truck’s destination or its expected time of arrival, the truck has a high-end, premium feel to it, said the Orlando Tribune.

The company will be bringing a “tough truck” to Orlando, the Tribune said.

The truck will arrive on time and with a “smooth and steady” ride, the paper reported.

The Orlando Sentinel also reported that the truck will have a seating capacity of 30, and that the driver will be a woman.

The truck is expected to arrive in Orlando on Dec. 14 and the company has been making regular stops at OIC, which serves about 12 million passengers per year.

It has been doing business at OSC since it opened in 2008, according it.

The Orlando-area terminal is home to two U. S. airlines: American and United.

The airport was named the nation’s top international air hub by Forbes in 2016, but that honor was later rescinded after a scandal involving a number of employees.

Oliveira said in a statement that it has “long been our goal to expand into the Orlando market and is excited to welcome our new truck to the area.”

The company said the “harbor” will be an “enthusiastic addition” to the terminal, which it describes as a “unique opportunity” to “expand our capacity, and create jobs.”

According to the Tribune, the cargo truck will travel from Orlando International to Seattle and then back to Orlando.

The Tacoma, Washington-based airline, which also operates the Boeing 737 MAX, has had trouble maintaining its U. K. hub, the newspaper said.