Which song was the most popular on the SIA freight train?

When the Sia freight train was first unveiled in 2011, it sounded more like a modern day freight train than a rail car.It was built around a platform with a steel beam that housed a cargo storage area, and its four-wheeled wheels made it look like a train, while its interior was reminiscent of an […]

Cargo Shipyard Wins $3B Contract With US Navy to Build Ships

Ports across the U.S. and overseas will soon be able to use a new platform for cargo shipping.The U.N. Global Maritime Organization has awarded a contract to Harbor Freight & Dockers, the shipyard that is working on a new cargo ship.The firm will build the ship and then operate it off the coast of California.It […]

What do you need to know about the rising cost of freight?

Phoenix is a port city in the heart of the Arizona desert.The city has a population of nearly 15,000, and is home to several major airports and ports.As a result, Phoenix has long been a popular destination for freight.Phoenix is the second-largest port in the United States, behind New York.This week, a new report from […]

How Amazon’s new freight deal with UPS makes sense for you

New freight deals between the US Postal Service and Amazon have become increasingly common over the past few years. The latest example is a deal announced in March that Amazon is paying UPS for “up to $6 billion of new freight services for its Prime shipping business” that the two companies say will enable “the fulfillment […]

The real-time tracking of freight from coast to coast, freight tracking website

Updated September 06, 2018 06:04:48When a truck leaves your home, there’s a lot of data that can be used to determine what’s going on, but the real-world tracking data is often not up to date.The goal is to have a comprehensive database of freight moving through your region.That means a comprehensive freight tracking app that’s […]

IBM says its first-ever XPO freight freighter will ship by 2019

IBM’s new XPO Freighter is the first cargo freighter to ship by 2025 and it will arrive in the US by early 2019, according to the company’s CEO.“We are committed to expanding our existing capacity to serve the global marketplace,” said Tom Anderson, CEO of IBM, during an earnings call.“The XPO freighter is an important […]

Pilot freight clamp in India to be installed in India by January 2018

Updated May 26, 2018 07:17:26 A pilot freight clamp is being installed in Mumbai by January 2021 and is expected to save about 1,000 tonnes of freight per annum, the shipping giant said on Wednesday.The company said the clamp, which is being built by the firm Hargreaves Lansdown Ltd, will be used by cargo carriers […]