An upstart cargo trucking startup is launching a new app that will allow customers to hail and deliver freight to their home or office.

The app, Cargo Shipper, was launched Wednesday in partnership with U.S. freight dispatcher Harbor Freight Application.

The goal of the app, called Cargo Shippers, is to enable truckers to deliver cargo to their customers’ homes and offices in the U.K., Canada, Mexico and the U-S.

The app will also enable shipping companies to get around the red tape that currently requires trucks to be trucked to ports.

“The cargo market is changing so rapidly, so fast and so quickly, that we’re at the beginning of a new era in freight and shipping,” said Rob Stokes, founder and CEO of Harbor.

“We’re building the future of the freight industry.”

Stokes said the company wants to help companies reduce the costs associated with trucking their goods to a destination.

“I think the real benefit of the cargo market today is that it allows you to ship faster and easier and to make things happen in the next 24 hours or two weeks,” Stokes said.

“It’s really the ultimate freight service.

It’s about getting the goods to the market in a timely manner.”

According to the company, it’s a great solution for those who are on the fence about the idea of being trucked.

“It’s a tool to make it easy to be able to do that,” said Josh McConkey, CEO of cargo shipping platform FreightLanes.

“And for some people, that means getting a new job.”

FreightLane said it’s not the first company to try to create a delivery app for shipping.

It has similar plans for its shipping app, which is in beta.

Freight Lanes said it has already received a handful of requests from trucking companies and is working on a feature that would allow drivers to pay for the cost of the delivery by adding in an additional charge.

The company said it will also offer a mobile app, FreightShipper, that will let users book freight to destinations including the U, S. and Canada.