Uber CEO Travis Kalanick said in an interview with the Washington Post that he believes the ride-hailing company can have a more positive impact on the world.

Kalanicks comments came after the company raised $10 billion in a Series A round led by Sequoia Capital.

“I think it’s really important to think about how do we have a better world,” Kalanics statement said.

“What I think is so important is to get a good education.

I think that’s where we have to start.

We have to get the education in the world to make sure that we’re going to be successful in this space.”

Uber is the first and so far only ride-sharing service to receive the prestigious “Star” award from the American Civil Liberties Union.

The company says its drivers are the most compassionate, most valued and most effective people in the country, and that the service can help ease traffic congestion.

The civil liberties organization has been calling for a more aggressive stance on the issue of Uber’s use of the technology, which is increasingly becoming a big business for the rideshare company.

“When we talk about Uber being the most valuable driver in the industry, that’s just not the case,” Kalans statement read.

“We’re the most trusted and respected because of what we do, and because of our drivers.”

Uber, which has more than 40 million users in the U.S. and more than 140,000 worldwide, was founded in 2012 by two former Google engineers, and Kalanic became CEO in August of last year.

He’s since pushed Uber’s growth into new territories.