FourFour2 is back with another episode, where we discuss our favourite podcasts, share some advice for podcast listeners and discuss how to find and listen to good podcasts.

First up, we look at the latest in the FiveThirtyEight podcast series, FiveThirty Eight: The Stories That Matter.

The latest episode is titled ‘The Stories That Matters’, in which we discuss the news and current events of the day.

The first of the stories we talk about is the murder of Michael Brown, and the investigation into the murder.

We also talk about the recent murder of an officer in New York, the arrest of an armed robber in San Francisco and the shooting of an alleged gang member in Portland.

In the second story, we discuss an ongoing criminal investigation into a mysterious disappearance from a local mall in Minnesota, which has resulted in two deaths.

The third story is a look at a group of young men in Michigan who are investigating a missing girl.

Finally, we explore the ongoing murder case in Brooklyn, New York.

The FiveThirtyTwo podcast is hosted by FiveThirtyTicker editor-in-chief, Andrew Tannenwald.

FiveThirtyTwo is a USA Today content partner offering global sports news and analysis, breaking news, opinion articles and podcasts.

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The stories we’ve covered so far:The FiveMillionaire Man: In Search of a Millionaire Who Got KilledBy Andrew Tarnow, FourFourtwo: Two men, two storiesThe FourFourFive: A story about a man who spent three years in prison for murder and got out only to be murdered by a mobster who tried to sell his body to make it look like his friend had been killed.

The FourThree: The Four Three Minute MovieBy Andrew Taylor, Fourfourtwo: A short story that tells the story of a man whose life was turned upside down when he was found in a swamp in Florida.

The Thumbprints of the Five: In Pursuit of a Missing GirlBy Andrew Scott, Fourfifteen: A crime story that features a man and a woman whose lives are intertwined as they hunt for a missing little girl.

The Six Million Dollar Man: The Unauthorized Six Million by David Auerbach, FourFiftyFive: FiveThirty’s take on the myth that there is a six-figure minimum wage by way of example.