Madison, N.Y. (AP) The U.S. freight industry is facing a major crisis, with a glut of freight trains and the possibility of a shortage of cars.

Madison’s new Madison Freight is the only truck with a direct connection to the rails.

It’s also the only one with a self-driving capability.

“This is the most advanced truck in the industry,” says John Wertz, vice president of Madison Trucking.

“We have this huge, modern truck that can get your goods right here, right now.”

The truck was built by New York City-based company Avanti Automation and features advanced technology, including advanced sensors, laser-scanning and radar.

“It’s an entirely different truck, and it’s a very, very good truck,” Werts said.

“It’s also a very smart truck.”

The truck has been tested at Madison in a test area with about 60 vehicles.

The company plans to have it operational in New York by next year.

“If this thing is as good as the company says, and we’re getting all these positive feedbacks, then I don’t think it’s going to be too long before this truck is here in New Jersey,” said John O’Sullivan, an agent at Madisons.

Madisons truck travels about 500 miles per hour, and will be used to transport cargo to and from Madison warehouses in New Hampshire and Maine.

Madigans cars are made from aluminum and aluminum-alloy, and the company has been using aluminum to make its truck bed frame, wheels and tires.

The truck was named the best truck by Automotive News magazine in 2017.