Posted August 18, 2018 04:09:47I have always felt that America’s greatest strength is its diverse and diverse range of people, and I feel the same way about the people of this country.

I am a proud American, and the American flag symbolizes our diversity.

However, as a young American woman, I became frustrated with the flag and with the fact that I am wearing the American Flag as a symbol of American freedom and liberty.

In my quest for freedom, I began to question the meaning and the meaninglessness of the American symbol.

The American flag was a symbol, a symbol that has become a symbol for a certain segment of the population, particularly the white nationalist movement.

The white nationalist movements movement, which includes the Ku Klux Klan, the National Socialist Movement, the American Nazi Party, and neo-Nazis, is largely a white nationalist phenomenon.

It is a very vocal and very visible group, but they are not the only groups that are using the American national flag as a form of protest.

There is a long history of American citizens wearing the flag as an expression of their right to free speech and their right not to be offended.

The United States Constitution, as originally written, gives the President the power to “establish an uniform Rule of Law in the Territories and Territories within the United States,” but the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, which was ratified in 1948, was not an international treaty.

It was a treaty that was ratified by only a handful of countries.

It does not give the president the authority to create a uniform rule of law across the country.

The Constitution gives Congress the power “to declare war, provide for calling forth the Militia, and to provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining the Militia.”

And yet, the United Kingdom has never been a member of the UN, and only the United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Moldova have ratified the United Nation Charter.

So the United National Convention of 1947 was a very, very weak document.

In a sense, the Constitution gives the presidency the authority, but Congress is the one that must take the lead in making the decisions that are important to the lives of the citizens of this nation.

The most recent American president has made it clear that he does not believe in the American Republic and has declared that he is a member and supporter of a new country, the state of Israel.

I do not agree with that decision, but the fact remains that he has been a vocal supporter of Israel, which has been ruled illegally by Israel for the last 70 years, and he has used the US national flag and symbols as an excuse to push for that illegal occupation.

So, what is the problem?

I would argue that the problem is that, because of the way the United State has been defined, the flag has become the ultimate symbol of white supremacy.

It has become an extension of white nationalism and has become, to some degree, the symbol of the white supremacy movement.

It becomes a rallying cry for white supremacy and anti-blackness.

And the reason is that the American people are tired of being ignored by our government and the media.

They are tired, tired of having to live under the threat of being labeled racist or anti-Semitic.

And, as we saw with the Brexit referendum, they are tired and tired of the media trying to silence them.

It’s not that the flag is no longer used for its intended purpose.

It serves that purpose perfectly.

It just requires a different kind of flag.

The other issue is that we have had so many wars that have been fought on the American soil.

We have had a president who said, in his first speech as president, that he would take care of America’s wars.

So, this is not a new president.

This is a man who has been president for almost four years.

And he has not done anything to address the issue of our war effort overseas.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are still going on.

The war in Afghanistan continues to go on.

So that’s why it is so important that we move on.

We need to recognize that, at least for the next two years, we have to continue to spend money on our war efforts overseas.

I have already proposed a $1.6 trillion dollar defense budget, which is a lot of money.

And it will have to be financed by taxes, which are going up.

But I would say that that is the best way to address our current war effort in the Middle East.

I would also argue that a major step in our war spending is to stop spending so much money on the war in Iraq.

We had to spend billions of dollars to rebuild the economy after 9/11.

But we are spending money now to rebuild our economy.

And we are not getting anywhere.

The United States is not winning in the war against ISIS.

ISIS is not holding territory, and we have