How to track up to 50,000 trucks at the same time

The new harbors in Southern California and the booming California freight industry are pushing up the cost of freight tracking and the cost for moving containers.And the new technologies and systems are putting a crimp on what’s been a steady increase in container movement for years.The industry is already making changes.Last year, a company called […]

Why is a train going from Chennai to Delhi only a two-hour flight?

A train from Chennai will not take a daylong journey from Bengaluru to Delhi unless it is accompanied by a train that can travel at a speed of 30kmph or more, and a pilot freight track that will transport passengers on the trains in its wake.The government has been exploring ways to expedite freight rail […]

Which freight re-sellers ship freight at low prices?

With a growing demand for re-selling freight, shipping companies have been working on their own solutions to help make it more affordable.As a result, they’ve started shipping some freight at very low prices.While the majority of re-sold goods ship for much higher prices, there are a few exceptions.Some products are more expensive than others, and […]

Why the freight tracking industry is exploding

The freight tracking business is exploding, and many of the players are trying to keep up with the changing needs of the industry.Some are offering more flexible prices than competitors, others have more flexibility than others.And there are some new entrants to the market.Here’s a look at the business.The freight industry is booming and it’s […]

What it takes to become a freight train engineer: The story of the train that changed America

In a story that has touched every part of America, freight train engineering is now the art of the possible.Now, with the rise of the internet, it has become even more critical for our country to learn how to build a reliable, safe, and efficient freight train.Today, I want to share my story and how […]

Why it’s time to shut down freight online and replace FedEx with a shipping platform for the future of freight delivery.

The biggest reason the world is heading toward a world where freight can’t be delivered on-demand is because we’re going to need the right technology.That technology, in turn, will be delivered by big companies like FedEx.The companies have been getting a lot of traction lately as they have found a new way to deliver goods […]

Cargo trucker, trucking company launch new ‘Cargo Shipper’ app to deliver goods to and from port

An upstart cargo trucking startup is launching a new app that will allow customers to hail and deliver freight to their home or office.The app, Cargo Shipper, was launched Wednesday in partnership with U.S. freight dispatcher Harbor Freight Application.The goal of the app, called Cargo Shippers, is to enable truckers to deliver cargo to their […]

Amtrak trains to resume service after shutdown

Amtrak trains are set to resume their service to New York City on Thursday after the Federal Railroad Administration temporarily shut down freight and passenger service in the Northeast.The Federal Railroad Administrator said Thursday that Amtrak trains will resume service to and from the city on Thursday, ending the shutdown.Federal officials shut down Amtrak service […]