FourFourOne: FourFour: Is this a time to get off the road?

article 4:43PM: Tulsa Highway is closed to traffic due to flooding and the coronavirus outbreak.

Here’s what you need to know about the road closures.

The National Weather Service said heavy rain will continue in the area for the next few days, causing flash flooding, mudslides and a significant number of downed trees.

Traffic was also expected to be a problem on the Tulsas Highway.

The state highway will remain closed to the public through Sunday.

The weather service said that it’s expected that roads will reopen sometime on Monday morning, with more delays to come.

The road closure has left many drivers stranded and unable to get home.

Tulsa is one of four states to be closed due to the coronavalirus pandemic.

It’s unclear how long the road will be closed for.

Tens of thousands of motorists are expected to travel through the area over the next several days as the coronas outbreak continues to spread.