When I went to see the new Freight Dispatch service in Idaho last year, I was shocked to see how much the company was charging.

The price of a package would have been $150 for the first three days, and then $200 for every day after that.

Freight dispatchers are the ones who deliver the freight, not the truck drivers who take the trucks and load it on a trailer.

When you add in freight costs, the cost to the consumer is even more astronomical.

Freighter dispatcher companies like FreightDispatch.com are charging the consumer $2,200 to take a package of 10,000 pounds of freight to Idaho.

The average truckload weighs 1,600 pounds, according to the U, and the average freight cost for a package that goes to Idaho is $2.70.

The consumer can buy this truck for about $1,200 a day, but they are being gouged by the freight companies.

Freelance Dispatch, in an emailed statement, explained to Fortune why the prices it charges are so much higher than the average price in the United States.

“In addition to the costs for freight dispatch, we are charged by the federal government to provide a list of drivers for the truck we deliver,” Freight dispatcher said.

“When we send a truck to pick up a customer, the federal trucking agency pays us the cost of the pickup.

The freight company then has to pay freight dispatch for the same amount of time.

So, our freight is actually charged by an entity that has no control over the delivery of the freight.”

The Federal Trade Commission has investigated FreightDexter, and FreightDisponerto the company, on behalf of consumers, and is looking into whether it is violating the federal anti-fraud law.

Freights are supposed to be delivered in person, but a recent report by the Government Accountability Office found that many trucking companies don’t do this.

In a recent study, the GAO found that nearly half of trucking company owners who sent a truck in to pick a customer didn’t know their truck would be picked up in person.

The study said that nearly a third of truckers did not even know their trucks were scheduled to pick customers up.

“Some of the drivers have no idea that the truck will be picked by a different trucker,” said GAO’s Daniel Smith, who co-authored the report.

“A lot of the truckers that we surveyed had no idea what was happening to their trucks or their customers.”

Freight dispatch charges vary from one company to the next, but some companies are charging drivers as much as $2 per hour, or as little as $5.

If the customer is not familiar with the company’s drivers, the freight company charges the driver $2 for each day they don’t pick up the truck.

In Idaho, FreightDepot.com charges drivers $1 per hour and the company is required to pay the driver for every 30 days he or she does not pick up their truck.

“The driver must pick up and deliver the truck within 10 business days after the receipt of the invoice,” Freights Dispatch said in a statement.

“Freight Dispatch is an industry leader in the delivery, handling, and delivery of freight.

The company delivers the freight to customers who need to pick it up, deliver it to the customer, and deliver it back to customers for pickup.”

While Freight Depot.

doesn’t seem to have a direct connection with the drivers of the trucks, the company says that its drivers are licensed and insured by the Department of Labor.

“These are not the drivers that we contract with,” Freighters Dispatch said.

If a customer has a problem with the truck or its driver, Freights dispatch has a solution.

The drivers can call FreightsDispatch.gov to schedule a free consultation to have the driver picked up.

They can also schedule a pick up at their own expense.

“We’re proud of the industry’s dedication to customer service,” said Jeff Zeller, FreightersDepot’s president and CEO.

“Customers want the best for their freight, and we work hard to ensure the best freight is delivered to the best customer.”