The NHL is launching a new program that will allow fans to pick up merchandise at their favorite stores, with the hope that they’ll bring in additional revenue to the league.

The Hockey Store, which will open in the first half of next season, will allow players to pick-up merchandise at participating stores as well as at other NHL-branded retailers.

The Hockey Store is expected to start accepting items starting next month.

The initiative comes as NHL fans continue to make the jump to online shopping, as more and more stores begin to accept electronic payment.

But online shopping has its limitations, especially when it comes to the physical merchandise.

For example, a player may be able to pick something up at a Target or Walgreens, but the merchandise won’t be available to him until it arrives at a local store.

The NHL says the Hockey Store will allow all players to buy up to 10 items per month at a store.

There are no limits on the number of items a player can purchase per store.

Players are also allowed to purchase items on the Hockey Shop website or through a mobile app.

The website also includes a shopping cart where players can view and purchase merchandise at multiple locations in their hometown.

The NHL has also announced that it is partnering with the U.S. Postal Service to offer Hockey Store items for fans to bring home for the season.

“The NHL is excited to partner with the Postal Service and the Hockey Mall to bring fans the greatest value online,” said Brian Burke, chief marketing officer at the NHL.

“This program is designed to help ensure that every player gets the best value from their purchase, and we look forward to seeing all our fans participating.”

The Hockey Mall will have items from local retailers including Walgills, Target, Best Buy, Sears and Walmart.