Why are the shipping rates at Harbor Freight so low?

The shipping rates for most packages at HarborFreight.com are as low as possible.

But if you are a new customer, or if you have a new shipment coming to your doorstep, you might want to consider a higher shipping rate.

This is because the shipping charges are usually only charged for the first time the item is in your hands.

Shipping rates can increase as the package is shipped.

We know this because our customer service reps are constantly asking questions and helping customers figure out shipping rates.

If you want to save some money, we recommend saving $25 on shipping.

This will help you avoid a few additional fees.

Here are the ship times for most popular packages.

package price shipping rate freight rate Shipping time in transit(excludes weekends) $5.99 1-2 days $7.99 2-4 days $9.99 5-7 days $13.99 8-12 days $16.99 13-18 days $20.99 19-24 days $24.99 25-30 days $27.99 31-36 days $30.99 37-42 days $32.99 43-49 days $34.99 50-59 days $36.99 60+ days $38.99 Free shipping on all shipments over $50.50.