Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn, a Tennessee Republican who represents the state’s fourth-largest city, said Wednesday that she thinks the Senate Judiciary Committee should vote to hold Brett Kavanaugh to the Senate rules.

“If there’s not a motion to proceed on Brett Kavanaugh, then I think that the Senate should have him removed from the seat,” Blackburn said during an appearance on CNN.

“That’s my view.

If there is no motion to move, then that’s my opinion.”

Blackburn, who has called for an ethics investigation into the Supreme Court nominee, said she believed that the committee should “consider a motion” to remove Kavanaugh.

The committee is expected to vote Tuesday on a motion by Democrats to confirm Kavanaugh, who is set to be confirmed by the Senate on Thursday.

Blackburn said Kavanaugh’s allegations are not enough to make him ineligible for confirmation, and she believes the nominee should be removed from consideration.

“I think the evidence that we have to look at is enough to remove him from consideration,” she said.

Blackwell said she thinks Kavanaugh should be impeached over the allegations.

“The fact that Brett is accusing women of sexual assault, that is an impeachable offense,” she added.

Blackburn has been an outspoken critic of the Senate’s GOP leadership, which has made it difficult to advance Trump’s agenda and has repeatedly cast Kavanaugh as a threat to the GOP.