Cargo freighter auctions off a new fleet

A new fleet of cargo freighters has been auctioned off to raise money for a charity, the owner of the vessels told News24.

The cargo freighter will be auctioned for its remaining cargo capacity at a charity event in Melbourne, the company’s owner, James Jones, said.

“The amount we are seeking is just shy of $500,000,” Mr Jones said.

“We are really keen to raise that to a great cause.”

The vessel will be on display for a short time at the Sydney Harbour Museum on August 6.

The vessel was originally built by the British-based cargo freight broker company A&M in 2014, but has since been sold to the Sydney-based Freight Brokers of Australia, he said.

It will remain on display at the museum until the end of August.

Mr Jones said the auction would take place on Monday, September 8.

He said the freighter would have the option of selling for up to $1 million, or buying it outright.

“It will be up for grabs,” he said, adding that it was a big undertaking and the cost would depend on the length of time it takes to build the vessel.

“The ship was built to be used as a carrier for the A&am fleet,” he told News 24.

“That’s what they’re doing with this vessel, and it is one of the largest ships they have built.”

Mr Jones added that the company had received some inquiries from potential buyers, and that he would be keeping an eye on the market.

While Mr Jones was keen to promote the charity event, he warned that there was still a lot of work to be done.

“There are many charities in Australia who do great work for communities, but we still need more of those charities to be able to raise the money to give these great causes a chance,” he explained.

“To help us get to that point, we’re hoping to raise some great money.”

But we have got to do the right thing.