A freight forwarding service that can help you track your freight on a regular basis is now available in India.

The service called Xpo freight tracing provides you with a unique tracking number for each shipment that you receive from your supplier, and this number can be tracked on a platform that connects to a warehouse that has the freight tracking number.

The system is available in several countries, but it will be available only in India and will only be available for freight forwarding in the country.

For a freight forwarding provider to get Xpo Tracker, you need to set up a subscription.

You can get the service for free from the company’s website.

The free version allows you to send freight in one of two ways: via e-mail, or via courier.

The service is only available in the cities of Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

The free service is a good option for those who want to send their shipments to destinations in India where it can be done at a low cost.

The premium service is available for those with a larger warehouse and/or a bigger delivery budget.

The pricing is similar to what you would pay for a freight broker, so if you want to get the premium service, the fee will be around $20 per shipment.

The services can also be used for tracking your shipment from the point of delivery, if you have a warehouse near your home.

You can even use the system to track your shipments as they are being delivered, and get a unique number for tracking the packages.

As per the FAQ section, it is not possible to track shipments that are already in the warehouse.