New research from the UAE Department of Industry and Trade has revealed that you can buy a cargo trailer in Dubai for about Dh5 million and an air freight trailer in Bahrain for Dh3 million.

Both these types of trailer have to meet the UAE’s requirements to be approved for import.

But you can purchase them in both countries, and both are very popular.

Dubai’s government has announced it will set up a pilot program for the transport of cargo and passengers between the UAE, Bahrain and Oman, with the aim of connecting the country with international markets.

This pilot program will be the first of its kind.

“This project is a step towards connecting Dubai with the rest of the world,” the UAE Minister of Transport and Shipping, Ahmad Bin Saeed Al-Attiyah, said in a statement.

“The goal is to increase trade between the two countries, with an eye towards the future.”

Air freight cargo is a key component in the UAE.

The UAE is the world’s largest producer of air freight with an estimated market value of Dh1.9 trillion.

It is also a major supplier of food and other goods to the region.

The UAE has been building up a strong air freight market, which has seen a huge growth over the past decade.

The Emirates has seen the rise of its air freight industry, which is responsible for almost a quarter of the UAE exports and more than 40% of its imports.

The country is also keen to diversify its exports, and is expanding its international airport and other facilities.

Air freight and passenger services account for about half of the country’s exports, while other sectors, such as oil, iron ore and coal, are responsible for the rest.

Dubai and its neighbouring countries also have a large trade surplus with the UAE which is expected to grow over the next two decades.

“We want to be a global hub for goods, which means more exports, more imports, more business and more jobs for our citizens,” said Ahmed Al-Khalifa, the Dubai chief executive.

“Air freight is the gateway to our markets and will help Dubai reach the global market in the long run.”

The UAE is currently planning to increase the number of cargo vessels it can accept from three to more than 100.

It plans to open a new air cargo terminal, a new airport and new maritime terminals for cargo in the coming months.