The owner of a Harbor Freight Sprayer in Portland, Oregon, says his business has been the victim of a massive harbor freight accident on its property, killing more than a dozen employees and a local firefighter.

Harbor Freight is the largest manufacturer of Harbor Freighter equipment in the United States, with more than 700 employees and an assembly plant in Portland.

But the company’s stock has been plummeting in recent years, and a federal investigation is ongoing.

The company has filed for bankruptcy protection, and is facing a class action lawsuit from several victims who say they were hurt by the explosion, which took place in April.

According to a lawsuit filed in Oregon federal court, on April 2, 2016, the Harbor Freights employee who had just cleaned up the spillway had just finished a routine inspection of the spillways when the company sprayer blew.

The company said the employee was uninjured, and that the incident was not related to the spill.

Hastings fire chief says worker was uninjured, not injured when explosion occurred in May2016.

The suit claims the worker was sprayed at the site when he was standing on the spill road and fell and hit his head.

“He was on the ground and his head hit the concrete and it shattered,” Harbor Freighters CEO John St. John told Fox News in a phone interview.

“He was not injured in the accident.

It was an accident that happened on the property.

The spillway is not on the side of the building.”

St. John said that the explosion happened during a routine inspections of the equipment, and said the company was not responsible for the spill, which resulted in about 20 employees and five firefighters being treated and released.

Harbour Freight owns several equipment factories in the Portland area, including one at its headquarters on South Broadway and North Broadway.

In the lawsuit, employees allege that employees were sprayed by Harbor Freighthis equipment after they walked through the spill path on the morning of April 2.


to the lawsuit filed Thursday, two employees were working in a spray area when they were sprayed.

Two others who were working nearby reported that they were injured.

The third employee who was sprayed in the incident later died.

Harbord Freight has been involved in multiple incidents since the company bought a building at 2115 N. Portland Ave.

in 2015.

In 2016, an explosion that was caused by a ruptured pipe caused a fire that damaged the company headquarters.