Which harbor freight carriers are getting new freight service?

The United States has a booming freight market, but that doesn’t mean there are always big freight carriers coming to town.Here’s a look at some of the major ones.1.The Oregon Coast Lines The Portland-based Portland Coast Lines owns and operates the Oregon Coast Line.It carries more than 70% of the U.S. shipbuilding fleet and is […]

Cargo freighter auctions off a new fleet

A new fleet of cargo freighters has been auctioned off to raise money for a charity, the owner of the vessels told News24.The cargo freighter will be auctioned for its remaining cargo capacity at a charity event in Melbourne, the company’s owner, James Jones, said.“The amount we are seeking is just shy of $500,000,” Mr […]

Why are the shipping rates at Harbor Freight so low?

The shipping rates for most packages at HarborFreight.com are as low as possible.But if you are a new customer, or if you have a new shipment coming to your doorstep, you might want to consider a higher shipping rate.This is because the shipping charges are usually only charged for the first time the item is […]

What is the southern half of Australia’s freight tracking network?

The southern half, between the states of New South Wales and Queensland, is one of Australia, and for good reason.It is home to some of the largest freight terminals, ports, rail and aviation hubs in the world.As such, it is home, in a sense, to a huge range of services, both freight and non-freight.Here are […]

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A photo posted by Ceejayyy (@ceejayy) on Jun 30, 2018 at 1:39am PDT This post is part of our series called “Top Stories” in our community of Redditors.Want more stories like this?Find them here.CeeJayyy – “Top stories” in the community of redditors.This is the fourth post in our series on top stories in the United […]

How to buy online, avoid the high-cost shipping of Amazon (AMZN)

A week after the US Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit against Amazon over its high-end Kindle e-reader, the company has released new e-books that feature Amazon content.In addition to the new titles, Amazon has also started selling e-readers that come with a free copy of the Kindle software.The company has also added new services, […]

How to use Xpo Freight Tracking service for tracking freight carriers

A freight forwarding service that can help you track your freight on a regular basis is now available in India.The service called Xpo freight tracing provides you with a unique tracking number for each shipment that you receive from your supplier, and this number can be tracked on a platform that connects to a warehouse […]

Which of the six freight routes is the most efficient?

New Scientist has put together a map of the world’s freight routes and found that the cheapest option for shipping goods is the harbour freight route.The cheapest option is the north east route.The cheapest option, by a wide margin, is the south west route.It costs the cheapest in terms of freight per kilometre and the […]