The future of Yakima harbour freight is in the hands of a fleet of trucks and barges that are being brought from the port to the city.

The new haul will include new containers and equipment.

“The new haul includes new containers, including new containers for containers to transport the trucks and barge.

They will be using the old port, the new harbour, which is just over two miles from the old harbour,” said Bob O’Brien, general manager of Yakimaw Harbor.

There is currently a fleet on the way from the city of Yakushima to the port, he said.

“We are moving about 200 tonnes per day on a two-hour journey.

The truck that is going from Yakushima, that is a very big one, will be carrying that cargo.”

The first cargo ship to depart the port was the Rota container ship, which arrived from Harborough on July 1.

The cargo ship, the Royal Pacific container ship Rota, will arrive on Tuesday from New Zealand.

Harbour freight vehicles will be moving from the Yakimawa harbour terminal to the Harbor harbour terminal, with the port being a stopover destination for the vehicles, said O’Connor.

The first of those new haul trucks will be the King of the West truck, which will arrive from New York on July 15.

The King of a West truck will take about five hours to move the load, said Mr O’Boyle.

The cargo haul will be transferred from the harbour to the new Yakima waterfront and onto the docks for the new ferry terminal.

A new harbour terminal will be opened for use by the first ferry ferry to sail from the new port, which was scheduled to start operations in October.

It is hoped the ferry terminal will open up the port and increase its cargo traffic, which has been in decline for the last decade.

In 2014, the Port of Yakumas new port terminal was completed, but the new dock was not ready for use until February this year, with new work starting in March.

The port of Yakamas first harbour terminal was constructed in 1974, but it has been vacant since the closure of the Yakumans port terminal in the 1980s.

As part of its new harbour port terminal plan, the port of Yaletown was approved for the use of the port’s new terminal and the old dock.

The new harbour terminals will provide better access for the port for freight and passenger ships.

The Yakima Port is the second port in New Zealand to be developed in the last 15 years, following the construction of the new Yalets new port on the western end of the island.