A cargo vessel carrying goods to Gaza has been forced to abandon the port of altonona after being blocked by Israel, in the latest in a string of incidents that have raised tensions in the volatile region.

The ship, which was carrying wheat, had to be towed to the Gaza port of Ashkelon due to the restrictions, a statement by the shipping company said.

Israel has not confirmed the incident.

The cargo ship was heading for Gaza after carrying wheat from the Israeli port of Tel Aviv to the port city of al-Qassam, the statement said.

The vessel was forced to return to the Israeli side of the border due to Israeli security restrictions, it added.

The ship has been delayed in the waters around the port for a few hours, according to a ship-tracking website.

Last month, Israeli forces detained seven Palestinians from the coastal enclave after they tried to cross the border into Gaza.

The Israeli government has accused Hamas, the group that controls Gaza, of smuggling weapons into the territory.

Israel, which has repeatedly warned against entering the enclave, has imposed a series of restrictions on Gaza’s coastal enclave in recent months, including a ban on food imports and restricting the movement of civilians.

A Palestinian security official in Gaza said Monday that Israeli forces were searching for the ship’s captain and crew members.

He said Israel had blocked the Gaza border for several days after a request from the Palestinian authority.

The Palestinian Authority is responsible for the welfare of Palestinians living in Gaza, including food and medicine.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.